A little about the photographer:

What's with the name A22?

Years ago, when I was a kid, my father put a camera in my hands and taught me how to use it. Then when I was about 15 my neighbors, a retired couple that did freelance photography, took me under their wing and taught me the finer points of exposure, composition, and so on. At that point I knew I wanted to be a photographer. So like all young people starting a business, I knew I needed business cards to be legitimate. So I thought Aperture 22 Photography sounded cool, and went with it. Oi, I had a lot to learn. First, my URL for my site was aperturetwentytwophotography.com - way too long. Second, no one knew how to spell it. So at some point I changed the URL to a22photo.com, as it is now. Eventually I dropped the Aperture portion, but I liked the legacy of the name - and so it has been ever since.

How long have you been a photographer?
Growing up my father always had a camera with him, so it was only natural for me to have one in tow as well. Then when I was about 14 years old, my neighbors, a retired freelance photographer couple, took me under their wing and taught me the finer points about photography and shooting with a manual 35mm camera. During those years my work was mostly of the beauty of the countryside I grew up in. It was not until I reached 16 that I started photographing people. Portraiture was a whole new subject matter, one that was changing far faster than nature, and I loved it. So I photographed my first wedding when I was about 16 years old, upon request of family friends who knew I had a knack for creating great photos. And so it began.

Through the following years I photographed more and more weddings, families, models for their portfolios, and just about anybody else who asked. Wedding photography has always been the most intriguing, likely because it is the most challenging. It takes a certain mindset, a photojournalist intuition, eye, and speed.

What do you enjoy about photographing weddings?
As I started above, weddings are a fast paced event where at any given time, many things are taking place, all worthy of a photo. Capturing little moments between people, or the expression on a Mother's face as they see their little girl all dressed up in her gown, or the Father wiping away his tears. Anticipating these special moments and making sure that I am in the right place to catch them is almost as enjoyable as watching someone light up when they are looking at the images I give them. I love to read the emails from newlyweds who just received their images.

Describe your photography style

My approach to photographing weddings is that of a photojournalist. I like to run around in the background capturing candid moments, as opposed to staging them. I take a fairly hands off approach to photographing weddings, letting life happen and just being there to capture it. There are so many things going on over the course of your wedding day, so I see it as my job to be your eyes, to capture all the things you may not have gotten to see.