Kellen + Jessica at Gorge Crest Vineyard

It had been a couple years, maybe more, since I had been out to Gorge Crest Vineyard to photograph a wedding. The place is just as beautiful as I remember, and Mt. Hood was putting on quite a show for these two. I had only gotten to meet Kellen and Jessica one time prior to their wedding, due to them living on the east coast. I knew from the meeting it would be great though, as they seemed like a fun and laid back couple – and they were just that.

The wedding was beautiful, the friends and family warm and welcoming. Something I had never seen before, the Father of the bride had purchased a large format bottle of wine when his daughter was born. Over the years it had been tended to in his cellar, waiting for the day of her wedding to be opened and shared.

Congrats you two!