Recent Weddings

Kevin + Alexis at Gorge-Ous Weddings

It is hard to post these photos and not think about what is happening at this very moment in the Columbia Gorge. Kevin and Alexis had a beautiful wedding on a clear summer day. The backdrop to which, is the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge, which at the time of this posting is currently […]

Kellen + Jessica at Gorge Crest Vineyard

It had been a couple years, maybe more, since I had been out to Gorge Crest Vineyard to photograph a wedding. The place is just as beautiful as I remember, and Mt. Hood was putting on quite a show for these two. I had only gotten to meet Kellen and Jessica one time prior to […]

Ajit + Jigyasha

What a beautiful wedding. This was my first experience in both attending and photographing a traditional Hindu wedding, and well, it was amazing. The colors, beauty, traditional ceremonies, all of it, was such an amazing experience. Thank you Ajit and Jigyasha for choosing A22 Wedding Photography to capture your day.

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